color zone.


black and white

red and black

sea of colors can’t change the fact

we need to open up our eyes

to see the colors in disguise

purple, yellow, blue and green

people and humans ought to be the changing factor in this degree

an ongoing process that we can change

to help the future youth to say:

“in our new community

colors and shapes are only seen

as assets to a human-being”


My own true belief is that no matter who you love or what you look like everyone should be accepted for who we are. We are all human. Make sure you show the people you know and don’t know love. I think we forget in our day to day lives that people have feelings and we need to remember to be kind to everyone. So for me, go right now and tell the people you love them that you care about them. Do that for me, but also do that everyday for the rest of your life. Spread love.




This post was inspired by The Daily Word Prompt ‘Lovingly’ 

(Picture via Pinterest)

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