I can’t have you, but I want you.


To not give in was not challenging for me growing up. My mom always told me that my friends would come to the door asking if I would want to play and I said I would after I got done with what I was doing first. Then my friends would precede to be interested in what I was doing instead. So I guess you can say that I was not the following type. I like creating my own path. I wish sometimes that I was still that strong willed. I always thought I was until I met him.

He was so beautiful and his intelligence just made my stomach fill with butterflies. The way he commanded a room was so effortless. His hands were so strong and looked like they would be willing to take control in the most gentle way. The way he looked at me out of the corner of his eye made my heart melt. I was hopelessly starstruck. Its funny because I used to roll my eyes at the girls who basically made fools of themselves for being so in love with guys. I used to think you are to young and you probably don’t even know what you want out of life yet. So how could you possibly know what you want out of a man? …Right?

He came into my life just like a candle flickers in the wind and then eventually is blown out. It was an emotional roller coaster that I didn’t dare get off until I knew I rode it out until the very end. He was like an undiscovered creature. All of the other men I have talked to had been so immature and common. They didn’t have there shit together. I was attracted to his success and how he had goals that he wanted to achieve and the way he loved his family. Those are things that I never thought I would have, but now that I realized someone had these qualities I became somewhat of an addict. I wanted more.

Unfortunately, like everything that comes into my life lately. It ended. Whatever we had was no more. I was a little shocked, but he said “we don’t have enough time.” You see, he was moving out of state and so that means we were over. I responded “never talk to me again. I’m serious Mitch, never.”



p.s. keep chasing your dreams little leaves

This post was inspired by The Daily Post ‘Tempted’ daily word challenge. 

(Photo credit via Pinterest) 

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