to start.


For a while now my close friends and family have encouraged me to write a blog and post my photography and other forms of art online. There constant encouragement has helped me finally build up the courage to finally do it. I also think it is just the right time in my life to start this site and will hopefully be somewhat of a success. (lets cross our fingers)

I didn’t want to do it for a while because I was not confident in myself that people would even read or look at my work. Despite all that my family and friends have still encouraged me to do it and I thank them for that. I have always been passionate about photography and videography and I soon will be posting some of the work I have done in the past, but I am excited to bring new content to this page and see where it goes from here!

This post was fairly short, but I am brand new to blogging and I am excited to learn more! So if you have some tips let me know in the comments below!



p.s. My first post is dedicated to one of my best friends, Kari, who is always encouraging me to do better in every aspect of my life and constantly tells me that I can do it whenever I think I can’t. This post is also dedicated to my baby sister, Kat, who has been there from the beginning when I first started getting into art and photography and videography. Thank you for always being my rock and my model whenever I need one. You both are amazing and I love you both so much, thank you for being you.





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